2007-06-10 : Guqin Master Tsar Teh-yun passed away

The great qin Master Xu Kuanghua Tsar Teh-yun 蔡德允 (Cai Deyun) passed away on June 10th, at the age of 102. She was the last of the older generation of qin masters born in China's imperial past. She compiled the handbook Yinyinshi Qinpu 愔愔室琴譜 ISBN 962-86030-1-9 , a four volume collection of 35 compositions she collected from various sources. In 2001 she set up the Tsar Teh-yun Endowment Scholarship Fund to promote Classical Chinese literature education and research.

Tsar Teh-yun, playing the qin, in 2002

Our deepest sympathies. 深切哀悼.

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