Hui Luotuo bookshop

This bookshop was created in 2004. At present, most items of the shop are about the qin, including instruments, books and CDs/VCDs/DVDs, among others.

The Tanhai Pine (Photo: Zhou Wenwen)

Hui has been taken from Anhui, and the Chinese word Luotuo means camel. Anhui is a beautiful province in east China, with many mountains, including Huangshan, one of the most famous mountains in China. Although there is no camel in Anhui, people from there often compare themselves to camel, because the camel is hardy, honest, persistent and dauntless.

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List os some available items

Below you will find some interesting items. Please, visit the above external link to view their full complete catalogue. - Passion for books


Last update - June 21th, 2006
The art of the guqin is part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO).
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