Meian Qin Pu

Wang Pin-lu (1867-1921; name of courtesy Yen-ch'ing) was born in Zhucheng, Shandong. He was a teacher of the Qin and founded the Zhucheng Qin Society (Zhucheng Pai). Wang compiled a collection of scores for qin, written down personally, under the title Lung-yin-kuan Qin Pu. When Wang died the summer of 1921, Hsü Cho (1897-1969; name of courtesy Li-sun) and Shao Shen (1898-1938; name of courtesy Ta-su) started to edit the manuscript of their professor. They completed this work 1923, but the publication of the book was delayed eight years. 1929 Hsü and Shao organized the Meian Qin Society (Meian Pai) and, with the help of their colleagues, Hsü and Shao published 500 copies of the book at 1931. In memory of the place where Wang taught, they changed the title of the book for Meian Qin Pu.

The Meian Qin Pu is the only qin instruction book translated and published. The translation into English was done by Fredric Lieberman, professor of music at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

The translation into Spanish has been done by Joan M. Vigo, member of Friends of Guqin.

Apart from new editions in Chinese of this book, there is also a phototypesetting of the original edition.

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