No. 17 Cotton Mill Shanghai Blues

Music in China

I found this DVD title in Casa Asia's library. It was a great surprise to find Wu Wenguang's name on its cover back text, so I decided to borrow it. Compared to the Performing arts of China DVD by Lyrichord, this one by Shanachie is more focused on traditional music. Some highlights are Bian Ren Qing playing Shi Mian Mai Fu (Ambush on All Sides) on pipa, and Wu Wenguang playing a short version of Guanglingsan on guqin.

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For those interested in Master Wu's playing, there is a two DVD double set (four DVDs in total) Selected Guqin pieces by Wu Wenguang available from Hui Luotuo Bookshop. - Passion for books


Last update - October 2nd, 2008
The art of the guqin is part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO).
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